keto diet benefits pros and cons

What is the keto diet and why is it good for you?

The Keto diet is currently trending – for all the right reasons. Have you thought of making this lifestyle choice but you’re bombarded with so much information that you’re never sure of where to start? Let us start with the basics first

What is the keto diet?

The Ketogenic diet (shortened to keto) involves reducing your daily calorie intake and replacing with proteins. This triggers your body to break down harmful fats in the body and they’re used up as energy. This is known as ketosis. Over time, your liver becomes more efficient at converting fats into energy and this is how you lose weight. It was accidentally discovered in the early 1900s when physicians realized that epilepsy patients experienced fewer seizures when they were deprived of carbohydrates. However, consult your nutritionist before getting into this lifestyle. They are in a better position to access your dietary requirements.

Keto diet benefits

Would you believe someone if they told you that if you follow a diet rich in coconut oil, dairy products and red meat you’d lose weight? Of course not? I wouldn’t either. They must be kidding you. This doesn’t seem sensible. What if they went ahead and told you that you would have more mental energy to focus through the day. Don’t get me wrong. I’m not implying that this is a silver bullet to weight loss. In fact, there’s no miracle drug.

Keto Diet Pros

  1. Physicians recommend this diet for people with chronic illnesses such as epilepsy and cardiovascular abnormalities. When patients follow this diet, they tend to consume fewer carbohydrates thus lower glucose. This means that they have a stabilized blood sugar level. They are a few studies suggesting that it may also prevent Alzheimer’s but there is no substantial evidence suggesting this.
  2. Its more effective at weight loss compared to other diets. Considering that you’re reducing your body’s carbohydrate intake by cutting down on processed starchy foods such as white bread – your body uses stored fat instead. This is how it helps you shed off those extra inches of unsightly belly fat. The best part is that you’ll be eating more proteins and you’ll be fuller for longer.
  3. Works relatively fast. Again, keto is no miracle drug don’t get me wrong. You’ll be cutting water weight in the first two weeks and perhaps this will motivate you to follow the diet religiously.
  4. Clear boundaries. You know what’s good for you. Simple as that. No more guesswork or grey areas.

Keto Diet Cons

  1. You’ll feel nauseated for the first few weeks. I won’t lie. Your body will be trying to adapt to the dietary changes. You will experience fatigue, constipation maybe and insomnia. However, they may be so mild that you may fail to notice them. Besides all good things in life come at a cost and weight loss is no exception. In the end, you’ll regret not starting earlier.
  2. Hard to follow. It’s hard maintaining a restrictive diet when the pizza delivery guy is a phone call away. Most foods will be prohibited (including that large tub of ice cream in the fridge). Your self-control will be tested when you go for a dinner out with friends and you have to resist that sumptuous steak.

Keto Diet Foods

Truth be told. This diet is not for everyone. However, the rewards greatly outweigh the effort. You will thank yourself for being consistent when you notice that your old pants are too big. Here are a few recommended foods:

  1.  Healthy fats – Don’t be fooled into thinking that all fats are bad. Saturated fats are healthier compared to the natural polyunsaturated ones. They are chemically stable and easy to break down into energy. And the best thing is that they’re delicious. Who doesn’t love nuts?
  2. Seafood – Tuna, tilapia and mackerel are excellent. They’re all low in calories while having a high protein content.
  3. Vegetables – Eat kales, spinach and Broccoli. I’m sure am not the first person to tell you this. Need I say more?
  4. Eggs – they’re cheap, rich in omega-3 fatty acids and there are a million ways to prepare them.
  5. Apples – Obviously, you’ve been told that they keep the doctor away. But did they tell you which doctor? Perhaps it’s the nutritionist. Think about it.

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